772_647249561963445_70799874_nTo promote the welfare of animals through leadership, education, adoption and rescue.

Another Chance Animal Welfare League (ACAWL) is an organization in the business of rescuing animals, mainly cats and dogs and finding them their forever homes. It is a no kill organization which means any animal which comes into the program stays in the program until adopted or dies.

ACAWL also believes in the reduction of unwanted dogs and cats and has set up a voucher program. Vouchers are given out to individuals for the purpose of assisting the citizens of Shasta County with the cost of spaying or neutering their pets. Hopefully this will help in reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies and births. This program needs to continue for a number of years before the results will be seen.

Education is one of the most important ways the organization can change the way people think; everything from the importance of spaying and neutering to the health of the family pet needs to be instilled in people. The importance of vaccinating of pets against deadly puppy disease “parvo” or cats against feline leukemia, preventive medication for heartworm or fleas as well as training those pets to be good members of the family is greatly needed in the north state.

A.C.A.W.L’S Goals

It is our goal to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, those animals who have no voice, because each healthy and adoptable animal deserves a home and another chance. This organization was formed in memory of Abby, (below) a shelter dog who deserved another chance, and didn’t get it.

We are building a “no-kill” shelter for adoptable animals, so there is a place for them until their new, forever homes are found.

1. To provide forever homes for as many adoptable pets as possible.
2. To educate the community about the importance of preventing unwanted litters through a spay and neuter program.
3. To provide a facility where no adoptable pet will be euthanized.
4. To bring the awareness of the needs of pets to the forefront of the community, often through temporary foster programs in the event of disasters, or personal tragedy.

ACAWL founded in 2005 in memory of Abby, she didn’t get another chance.