1467341_661825990505802_1487995767_nWHY SPAY OR NEUTER? ARE YOU KIDDING?

An estimated sixty million feral cats live in the United States today.
These cats are victims of unfortunate circumstances brought on by people who do not understand the problems they have created by refusing to spay/ neuter their pets and abandoning them when ownership becomes either impossible or no longer desirable. Unsterilized cats eventually band together in groups called colonies. Surviving on meager scraps, these colonies grow. You can find them everywhere. In particular, commercial, educational, industrial, and military facilities have become havens for feral cats trying to survive. Ferals also live in wooded areas, storm sewers, and drainage ditches.

Visit the Feral Cat Coalition for more information.

Links to Shasta County TNR (trap neuter release) assistance programs and other spay/neuter voucher help.

Shasta County
To submit a voucher request click on link

mailto: vouchers@safenorthstate.org

(530) 336-6006

(530) 547-PETS

Butte County
www.buttehumane.org. (530) 343-7917
www.chicospayneuter.org (530) 895-2109

Siskiyou County
Dogs: (530) 938-4246
Cats: (530) 926-1196
(530) 926-6388

Tehama County
Second Chance Pet
Rescue/Corning Animal Shelter; Corning.

Dogs & cats spay/neuter
co-pay voucher program for
Corning residents.
Discount for Pit Bulls.

4312 Rawson Rd. (530) 824-7054