Another Chance Animal Welfare League was founded in 2005 by six people with a vision, dedicated to help adoptable pets have “another chance” at a forever home. This organization was formed in memory of Abby, a shelter dog who deserved another chance and didn’t get one.

We are a non-profit organization which has grown every year with the help of a wonderful group of volunteers, donors and thrift shop in Palo Cedro, CA. ACAWL expects it takes approximately $250,000 to run the entire program per year. A.C.A.W.L’s income comes in from the thrift shop, fundraisers, donations, events. It is staffed by volunteers from Tuesday through Saturday 10 am until 3 pm.

Some of our fundraisers during the year include, but are not limited to;
The annual Fur Ball held every February at the Win River Casino. This is a dinner for all of our supporters and sponsors and includes a silent auction, raffles and entertainment.

We have money banks placed at different businesses throughout Shasta County.
Walmart has a program which pays non-profit organizations if their employees volunteer for them. We do any recycling available, cans, glass bottles, plastic, ink cartridges, cell phones, scrap metal and electronics.

All of this work is done for one purpose only, the rescue, care and re-homing of lost, abandoned, and surrendered animals. The present economy has hit the four legged community hard.

We could not have done any of this without our volunteers who for the year of 2015 donated 151,300 hours of service. These hours were done by working at the store, sorting through the donations, serving customers, and displaying items. Volunteers cleaned cat cages, fed and socialized cats, took laundry home, picked up donated food from stores. Other volunteers are our foster families, bringing dogs to adoptions every Saturday, taking in and bottle feeding baby orphan kittens every three hours or traveling at a moment’s notice to rescue a cat or dog. Many hours are spent by our adoption team doing paperwork, home checks, taking animals to the vet, finding foster homes and permanent homes as well as answering all the inquiries that come through about pets. Hours working all of the fundraising; everything from finding auction items, endless meetings to make sure that every little detail is covered to ensure a perfect event., setting up the venue and then working it.